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Programs - HSE - Core Dynamics Seminars in Europe


Resolving Inner Conflicts
That Keep Patients from Getting Well

Human Software Engineering
The Core Dynamics of Common Problems

Presented by

Tom Stone

Guest lecturer for the 
I.M.U. College - College for Holistic Health - Martin Keymer


The next seminar will be held in 2012 - Dates and Location TBD

The seminar will be held in Southern Germany

Register through IMU

Seminar fee: 599 EUR0


(As the IMU web site registration process is in German, if you do not understand enough German to register email us at info@greatlifetechnologies.com and we will direct you to an English speaking staff person who assists with such matters for IMU)


Your Mentor & Guide

As health practitioners we naturally want to help our patients in the very best ways that we can. New techniques and technologies are becoming available that are now allowing us to access subtler and deeper levels of the functioning of the human body. As the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and wave theory from physics is becoming more broadly understood, new technologies are emerging that transcend our old biochemical way of viewing the body and the world.

An exciting and powerful new field is emerging that is called Human Software Engineering (HSE). HSE integrates bioresonance therapy, new insights about the nature of human conditioning and a systematic method of identifying and resolving the inner conflicts that are at the root cause of problems in human life. HSE is becoming increasingly accepted as it is proving itself to be practical, non-invasive, easy to learn and use and most importantly, highly therapeutically effective.

HSE provides a much needed major breakthrough that supports alternative and bio-energetic medicine practitioners in helping their clients resolve the emotional and mental causes of ill health. Tom Stone, the pioneer of HSE, has found some extraordinary new ways to apply bioresonance therapy to effectively treat these issues.

An extraordinary research study correlating the occurrence of Adverse Childhood Experiences to adult health problems was conducted during recent years at the Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center in San Diego, California, USA by Dr. Vincent Felitti and Dr. Robert Anda of the Center for Disease Control of the US government. This remarkable study, known as the ACE study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) involved over 17,000 participants and it found a direct graded correlation between the number of ACE’s and the occurrence of obesity, addictions, many organic diseases, suicide attempts and poor work performance.  The more ACE’s a patient experienced the more likely they are to have behavioral and physical health problems. See an article about the ACE study here.

After learning about this study, Tom Stone, the presenter of this seminar, contacted Dr. Felitti and showed him the Human Software Engineering approach to resolving the negative influence of the ACE’s. Dr. Felitti was impressed with the concept and agreed to conduct a small pilot project in which he would send patients to Mr. Stone for his HSE “debugging” of their inner human software and Dr. Felitti would track their changes. This pilot study began in September 2005 with a first patient who had fibromyalgia. The woman had pain throughout her entire torso for many years and no one had been able to help her relieve the pain. In just one session with Tom Stone the pain was completely gone and continues to be completely gone as of this writing which is now November 2005. The second patient for the pilot study who has chronic depression started a few weeks ago and is also making very good progress. After about 6 patients have been through the HSE sessions with Mr. Stone the plan is to seek approval and funding for a larger formal study based on the preliminary findings. It is wonderful to have cooperation with a traditional school medicine medical doctor, especially one who has done such an excellent study to prove that the real underlying causes of disease are based on unresolved childhood traumas.

As holistic health practitioners, we intuitively know that this is true. But until now, there has not been a systematic way of getting at the root causes of what keeps these childhood traumas locked in place in the patient’s body. Mr. Stone has been researching this very topic in his practice for over 12 years. Mr. Stone came to Germany in 1997 and met Martin Keymer. Mr. Stone became the USA distributor of the Bicom bioresonance device at that time and came to Germany many times over the next few years to study bioresonance therapy so that he could train practitioners in the USA, Mexico, Canada and the UK. In 1999 after learning the tumor therapy from Mr. Keymer, Mr. Stone founded the New Hope Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico and began working with cancer patients. What he discovered is that those patients who were able to resolve their deep inner conflicts such as death wishes, or a feeling of not having any reason to live any more, it was primarily these patients who got well and became cancer free. Since leaving the cancer clinic in 2001 Mr. Stone has been developing his new approach to resolving inner conflicts called Human Software Engineering (HSE). HSE includes several remarkable breakthroughs, insights and techniques for rapidly and powerfully resolving these deep inner conflicts that are at the basis of people’s illness, addictions and other problems in their lives.

Mr. Stone’s Human Software Engineering approach uses a “road map” of the nature of human conditioning called The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems. Problems in human life are based on inner conflicts.

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These inner conflicts occur between two kinds of thoughts, natural intentions and conditioned reactions. Both natural intentions and conditioned reactions are patterns of energy and information. Whenever we have an intention or desire to do, be or have something in life, this is typically followed by a conditioned reaction or learned behavior or thought or feeling that is contrary to our natural intention. The patterns of energy and information are in conflict and tend to cancel each other out as can be seen in the following graph. This is the Physics of Inner Conflicts.


In this seminar you will learn a new set of insights about human conditioning that are applicable regardless of place in the world, culture or time in history. This set of insights is called the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems. At the basis of each Core Dynamic is a “feeling-level decision” about ourselves or about the world that causes us to live inside of an illusory interpretation of life with the effect of dramatically limiting our lives. Typically, we are not even aware that any limitation is there. These Dynamics are at the foundation of our inner conflicts that cause disease and suffering. Now, there is a fast and powerful way to remove these damaging influences from your clients' lives (and from your own life!).

In the seminar you will learn how to identify which Core Dynamics are present as the real underlying causes of your client’s inner conflicts. It is very common for this kind of inner conflict to be at the basis of why a person is really chronically ill or why they are having trouble getting well.

Most importantly, you will learn a special protocol for canceling out the energy patterns of the conditioning at the basis of the person’s inner conflicts. This leaves them free to get well and have the life that they want.

This is a new development. It is a breakthrough in the application of bioresonance to mental and emotional health and well being. It is already being used by over 200 practitioners in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and several other countries. These practitioners are getting breakthroughs with their clients that they never thought possible before. This is the first time that this training will be available with German translation.

"After attending the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems and Human Software Engineering training in Phoenix, I threw away every other coaching strategy and tool I've ever learned because I don't need them anymore. The diagram of the 12 Core Dynamics and my WaveMaker are all I need to help anyone become quickly and dramatically free of the limitations that have been holding them back in life.

I've also completely revamped my full-time corporate and personal coaching practice - replacing phone coaching with face-to-face WaveMaker coaching - because I'm not willing to take more time and effort to achieve results that I know the WaveMaker can deliver. People are coming from all over for appointments and are reporting changes of mind-blowing proportions. There is no way to overstate the importance of the Absence of You training and the WaveMaker technology for coaching. If you are a coach, you will want to attend."

Wendy Down—Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Program Dates and Location:

November 1-3, 2007

Kölliken, Switzerland

Register through IMU


Requirements of the participants
This seminar is for heilpraktikers, alternative health practitioners and holistic doctors. As this is a seminar for beginners, participants do not need to have knowledge and experience with bioresonance therapy, bioenergetic testing such as EAV, kinesiology and/or biotensor. These will be learned at the seminar. We will be covering the basics of both bioresonance and bioenergetic testing in the seminar. The primary prerequisite is that you are open to new ideas and have a passion for helping your patients get well and stay well.

What you will learn:
In this seminar, you will learn how to identify and resolve inner conflicts on the levels of emotion, psychology and spirituality that come from very common childhood conditioning. These inner conflicts are often at the basis of problems in client’s lives not only for their health but also for relationships, addictions, career, finances, sense of purpose, etc. Experience has shown that without resolving these kinds of inner conflicts, clients in many cases can’t get well. You will learn how to “debug” your client’s inner human software so that they can fulfill their desires and regain a state of wholeness. You will learn the basic principles of bioresonance therapy. You will also learn kinesiology, one of the main forms of bioenergetic testing.

Please note that the seminar will be taught in English with simultaneous translation into German.


Seminar overview:

  • The application of bioresonance to the field of mental health is being pioneered by Tom Stone and his company, Great Life Technologies. The name of this emerging field is being called Human Software Engineering.
  • This seminar teaches the basics of Human Software Engineering
  • You will learn the basic principles, insights, methods and techniques of HSE including:
    • New profound insights into the nature of human conditioning
    • How to use bioresonance technology to “debug and upgrade” clients (and your own) inner human software
    • Kinesiology including self-muscle testing
    • The basic Human Software Engineering Protocol for identifying and removing the basis of inner conflicts
    • How to access and resolve the real underlying mental and emotional causes of disease
  • The Physics of Self-sabotage
    • Human problems are based on inner conflicts
    • The nature of inner conflicts
    • Two kinds of thoughts
      • Natural intentions
      • Conditioned responses
    • The source of conditioned responses – primarily childhood conditioning
    • Everything is made of energy
    • This includes our intentions and our conditioning
    • In order to resolve inner conflicts we need to identify and eliminate the patterns of energy that hold the conflicts in place
  • The Core Dynamics of Common Problems is a new set of insights into the nature of human conditioning
  • This gives us access to the underlying causes of what is really holding inner conflicts in place
  • Explanation and demonstrations of the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems will be given during the seminar
  • The five Core Dynamics Personal Development Techniques will be taught and demonstrated
  • Everyone will have the opportunity to learn and practice the basic Human Software Engineering protocol
  • Participants will have their own inner human software debugged and upgraded using the Core Dynamics model during the seminar
  • Discussion of how to integrate Human Software Engineering into your bioresonance practice
  • The primary differences between this seminar and the seminar for experienced Bioresonance practitioners is that this beginning seminar will teach the principles of bioresonance and the skills of bioenergetic testing called kinesiology.

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