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Peace of Mind, Focus, Productivity and Happiness

Peace of Mind, Focus, Productivity and Happiness - Quick Upgrade


Learn how to test for and debug one of the most common underlying causes of ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder. The TB miasms seem to be subtle inherited irritations that can disrupt the functioning of the nervous system in ways that cause mental distractions and difficulties with focus & concentraion. Approximately 60% of the population has this "bug" in their inner human software. For an interesting article about TB Miasms and ADD click here.

Learn how to offer this new service of testing and debugging people for the TB Miasms.

Learn how to build your practice with promotions designed to bring lots of new clients into your practice for a quick upgrade of their ability to have increased peace of mind, focus and ability to concentrate. It's great for kids struggling with school work or for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and sense of inner calm and peace of mind.

Great Practice Builder - Expand your client base with this new offering

You can attract new cients to your practice by offering to test them for free. Once you learn how to test for the TB miasms you can do that in less than one minute. If the person has one or more of these miasms you can debug and upgrade them in about 10 to 20 minutes.

While your new clients are in your office for the debugging you can educate them about the other debugging and upgrading services you provide. You can then upsell them on these other services such as WaveMaker Coaching, Great Life Programs, Allergy Debugging, the Squeaky Clean Program, Be Smoke Free Now, etc. according to your training and licenses from GLT.

Resources needed for the Peace of Mind, Focus, Productivity and Happiness - Quick Upgrade

New Peace of Mind Test Kit - contains the TB miasms and all of the ampoules for upgrading the aspects of the nervous system that have been chronically stressed by the presence of the TB Miasm.

See the layout and all of the ampoules in this comprehensive new test kit - Peace of Mind Test Kit

Training - Two 90 minute teleclasses 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM Pacific Time - on Frdays - Jan. 26th & Feb. 2nd.

Test kit  - Peace of Mind (These teleclasses wil be recorded and will be available on line.)

This package also includes a DVD of a short live training done by Tom in Nov. 2006 on how to do the testing, debugging and upgrading.

Program price - $2,000.00 Add to Cart

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